Die erste Mail aus Taiwan

Ja…ich poste hier mal die allererste Mail, die ich am 28.04 aus Taiwan erhalten habe. War ganz schön aufgeregt, als die plötzlich in meinem Postfach aufgetaucht ist. 😀

Hier der erste Teil:

Dear Mr. Vollmer and Lara:

Representing Tungchin Rotary Club, I express our best welcome to you. We all key directors of YEP program had a meeting this Sunday, and were happy to learn Lara will be our guest.

We read the details that Lara wrote in personal information and letters, and were very much impressed by Lara’s excellences in each field.

I am Professor Huang, current president of Tungchin, now is the professor of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Management School, and also run business of venture capital, biotech, and public policy in Taiwan and mainland China. Our president selected is Mr. Glas Chen, he is a very famous environmental glass manufacturer, and has a strong industrial link with some European companies. Tungchin Rotary Club is established in 2006, now has 31 members, average years old around 40, and all have good performance in life and work. During the past two years, we have accepted two YEPs from United States with good result.

We will soon arrange school for Lara, and are looking forward to having Lara’s interests in entering technical or general high school. Please let me know your decision soon.

Recently, all the reception families of Tungchin will get together, we will brief you all news in time.

Welcome you again and please don’t hesitate to mail me your requests.

Best regards

Professor Huang

Und der Zweite folg sogleich 🙂 :

Dear Mr. Vollmer and Lara:

I am Andy Peng, the first helper for your arriving from Tungchin Club of D3520 Rotary.

We are looking forward your feedback and help you to select your interesting school in Taiwan.

Once it is convenience, could you allow me to call you tomorrow? Or show me when is good timing for you?

(As we know Spenge is GMT+2, Taiwan is GMT+8, there are six hours difference.)

Waiting your good news

Andy Penga

restet mal schön in peace ihr lieben XD ❤



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